Do you know this super shampoo and conditioner Monat from USA?

Monat is a family business started in 2014 and their products are anti aging naturally and botanical based, and helps the scalp health and wellness as well as hair wealth!

So I will write in english because I want to speak about an amazing brand coming from the USA, and  that I have discovered through a lovely woman I met on Instagram too, and who is Catrina Dupuis @celebratewithcatrina!

Monat american brand for your hairs


I don’t remember exactly how come we finally spoke about this products specially made for YOUR HAIRS, but at the end, I received from Catrina DUPUIS, a large parcel with a line of MONAT products!

They are all naturally based products as I told you, and I can tell you that today after having testing them since 3/4 weeks, my hairs have changed, they are looking much better, less dry, much more smooth like the silk and I re-found my hairs of before! I love that and I thank you Catrina to make me discover MONAT!

You can easily find those products in USA because they are american products, and now in england, because MONAT opened MONAT UK few weeks ago and now you know what???….I want to be there in France and want to be a part of it! it should be my best dream for now and for my hairs!

I have been travelling many years ago in the US, and I always found that the american women has already so gorgeous hairs! At that time, I was much more younger but I really asked me: how come??? ….

Few years later I understood that they had great products for the hairs, and now it just arrived to me with Catrina and MONAT.

Monat american brand for your hairs

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with her directly on instagram and on her website, because she is the one I love because she is the one who introduced me MONAT first!

Just try them and you will see the difference in few days!

You don’t need to put a lot of shampoo or air conditioning, just put a quarter of 1 dollar in your hands, and it’s enough to have all the benefits of the shampoo! and same thing with the conditioner or mask, and when you rinse you hairs, always with cold water, not warm!

Monat american brand for your hairs

Even my daughter told me yesterday that my hairs were looking much more better, and I can tell you that she is not telling me compliments easily! Yes the young ladies are weird sometimes with their mother today!:-)

MONAT is the new friend for my hairs and I really advise you to try them! And get the MONATtitude!

Catrina Dupuis instagram:@celebratewithcatrina



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